The Escrow is a mercantile commission contract through which an agent -in this case Armour Secure Escrow - takes the custody of the deposited funds of a third party towards the purchase of a real estate or commercial transaction. Our objective is that the contract recognizes a legal figure regulated by the Mexican laws.

Armour Secure Escrow is a Mexican society with all the legal knowledge ready to offer a transparent and safe transaction, and is recognized and regulated by the Mexican laws. Therefore, the internal mechanisms adopted and the guarantee of the banking accounts of Escrow, assure the receipt and disbursement of funds according to the necessities of the client.

The acquisition of a property is an investment that demands a lot of caution, mainly when both parts do not know each other and undoubtedly several questions could arise. Here are a couple of questions that could derive in a transaction:


- What will come first: the payment or the delivery of the asset, which causes both parties to refuse the signing until the other part can make use of the funds or the asset, as the case may be.

- The seller is in effect the legitimate proprietor of the real estate property?

- The buyer will have the sufficient funds to pay for the real estate transaction at the time of the transmission of the property?


There are several questions that the buyer and the seller might have involving their sale/purchase, but Armour Secure Escrow offers total security, confidentiality and guarantees the funds to both parties making the transaction secure and transparent.

Armour Secure Escrowis the most important company in the country in the field of title insurances, and the only company providing Escrow Services in Mexico.

Armour’s Senior Management has wide experience in the insurance industry.

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