When you invest in real estate in Mexico, you want to be confident your funds are secure and you’ll receive clear title to your property. Armour Secure Insurance can provide you that assurance. Our comprehensive title services include:
•Identification of the legal property owner.
•Identification of all existing liens recorded against the property.
•Identification of all easements, restrictions and other encumbrances recorded against the property, as well as survey matters if an acceptable survey is made of the property.
•Assurance to lenders that their mortgage documents are valid and legally enforceable against the property.
•Indemnification as to the cost of defense against adverse claims based on covered matters.
•Assurance that Fideicomiso land trust properly vests beneficial title in the insured.
Our in-depth research will uncover any title issues that would prevent you from assuming undisputed ownership of the property at closing. With a title policy through Armour Secure Insurance underwriters, your ownership rights remain fully protected.

Legal advice from Mexican counsel is worthwhile; attorneys can provide valuable advice to purchasers such as document review, transition, drafting of contracts, tax tips, etc. However, most Mexican attorneys do not make an independent examination of title records to the property their client is purchasing. As acknowledged experts in title matters with the industry’s largest reserves, policies issued by Armour Secure Insurance Underwriters provide additional comfort when investing in Mexican real estate.

The notary is responsible for a title search in Mexican property transactions. Typically notaries rely on a current deed to the property and certificates issued by the Public Registry and Cadastre Office. This minimal effort can result in an incomplete title history of the property, leaving you vulnerable to recording errors, liens, encumbrances, fraud, misrepresentation or other attacks on title. In addition, Mexican notaries do not hold legal responsibility for title defects they may fail to uncover, so restitution is not an option. Armour Secure Insurance will expose any title problems before title is transferred and financially back our U.S.-governed policies.

Deposits for properties outside the United States must be managed securely for your protection and peace of mind. Armour Secure Escrow utilizes Citibank, one of the most trusted banks in the world, to deposit accounts into escrow. Funds are held in trust and disbursed pursuant to the sales contract. International escrow accounts are held in the United States, allowing our customers quicker access to funds by eliminating the need to deal with different currencies for custodianship of funds. Using Armour Secure Escrow as your U.S. third-party licensed escrow agent provides you with the security that your funds are safely deposited in a major U.S. financial institution. Armour Secure Escrow bonded services are also a convenient way to keep your earnest money protected and available to you for a timely closing.